Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Little Star's Bday

It was three days ago and the birthday was celebrated at her school. I think I like the idea of celebrating my kid's birthday at school... Making my life easier :D

So, compared to last year's birthday, this year we only prepared 2 yoghurt cakes with chocolate, 26 sachets of chocolates and bought 4 liters of orange juice. We took all to the school in the morning and voilà... done. When I picked her up after school, my daughter looked very happy. That was her first time celebrating her birthday at school.

One thing that made her birthday different was... the Tinkerbell theme. The second cake was decorated with a Tinkerbell & Periwinkle cake topper (rice paper). The sachets of chocolates were with Tinkerbell pictures inside (I printed those pics). The paper bag to carry the sachets was a Sephora bag covered with Tinkerbell picture(so we couldn't see the Sephora logo). And on that special day, my little star was wearing her Tinkerbell t-shirt... :D

A simple birthday but it gave a big result. 

Happy birthday, my dear... Love you always...!

PS. And this is what I did with the birthday cake leftovers. Cake pops! I just mixed the cake in a food processor, added some Nutella and a little bit butter. Then my little one and I made cake pops... Yum, yum...

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