Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Short Holidays

Our little trip to Lyon city was amusing. The weather was so friendly and the children were quite cooperative :)

*Traffic jam in Lyon on Saturday

We stayed at our friends' house, they had a nice garden with some flowers, herbs, a cherry tree and some other plants. I learned some new things about gardening from my friend. And because of her garden, I wanted to buy some flowers for my balcony garden. I will buy...!

And then I could meet one of my Indonesian friend & we shared much about gardening & sewing. Then the next day, we could spend a nice time together in a flea market where she found a nice sewing box for only 5€ *lucky her*.

The last day, I finally visited Toto in Place Louis Pradel. It's a fabric shop that I wanted to see since I was still living in Lyon (I don't know why I didn't go there before, I passed that shop couple times). Bon, finally I did. In general, their collections were not as complete as Mondial Tissus, including the sewing notions. But if you want to find not expensive cotton fabrics (5.90€/m) for practicing sewing or making simple projects, you can find some in Toto.

* Some of fabrics at Toto shop

In the same arrondissement with Toto (Lyon 1), there is one Asian store that sells Indonesian products (Indofood, ABC, Bamboe, Kobe, etc). So, I happily did a fun shopping in that store where the seller still recognized me. Wow... Anyway, I have Indomie again now *penting*

Mall. We noticed that there are some new shopping malls in Lyon & we visited one, Confluence shopping mall. Of course we visited La Part Dieu too, I couldn't miss that, euw... (I grew up in shopping malls in Jakarta >_< ). But Confluence is every... interesting & different. The area itself is quite new. At first we wanted to take a boat trip in that area but the information girl said it was not opened (I mean, the boat trip) because the water level was too high (it could be dangerous). So, okay... Shopping & Starbucks then... (gosh, my Jakarta's lifestyle was still here...). While my husband & my children were busy playing at the Apple Store, I spent time alone shopping. Muji store has various boxes to organize things like... fabrics, patterns, threads, notions. Drooling...

* Some MUJI containers for my sewing things

* Plants! Inside Confluence

* Ondine or Silvermist in her winter costume, at Disney Store Lyon Part Dieu

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