Sunday, October 7, 2012

Japan Couture Addict

While searching for some "solutions", I found Japan Couture Addict. Interesting... and they have a discussion forum too. Since I adore the simple style of japanese clothing, so I joined this group. I hope it will give me more clues on making some nice little clothes... from japanese sewing book.

Btw, this is the unfinished dress, pattern from Vêtements amples à superpose but with my limited brain capacity to understand it :( I still need to put the buttons and make a matching skirt.

Time to dodo...!


Elise said...


I'm selling lots of Japanese Pattern books as I'm clearing my bookshelves in my study:
Maybe you'd be interested? Bids start under £1!

Sitha said...

Bonjour, Elise... Thank you for your information (and sorry for late response). I took a look at your blog and your books look interesting. Thanks again!