Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gloomy Weather

Passing midnight! It means we are already in June 2013. It's supposed to be warmer outside. But, no. It is still cold and raining. My plants are so pale. They need more sunlight. Some of them, the baby plants, are suffering from aphids. I tried to treat them as natural as possible. It worked for my cilantro plants. But I am not sure yet for others.

The good thing is, my strawberries are coming. Although I can not guarantee they are sweet (considering the lack of sunshine). But, the red color makes me happy. I am also surprised with my bitter mellon plant (pare, paria) which is growing nicely. Of course it is still indoor. The potato plants are also growing well. Mint and cilantro are fine, chives and basil are not fine. Well, I can not type more... Let's see the pictures.

I did not put all of my plants on the pictures above especially my plants that are ill, like spinach and lettuce (strange... I harvested some couple weeks ago and they were fine. Now they are ill *crying* ).

I hope sunshine will come soon... Please come... please...

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