Thursday, March 28, 2013

Silvermist Costume

For the school carnival, my little one wanted to wear Silvermist (Ondine in french) costume. Silvermist is a friend of Tinkerbell. Because the weather has been so cold (still! You know it will be spring in couple days... kerr...), so I worried if she used the usual fairy costume.

Well, according to one of Tinkerbell movie, the winter version of those fairies' costumes also exist. With a little research and some days of design planning (design planning? ^_^ But yes, it took couple days to decide & make the design), I finally made the Silvermist costume on winter.

I might missed some little details (especially for the wings) but It's fine. My daughter was totally happy... She gave me some hugs when she saw the costume finished (almost finished). And she smiled a lot when she saw the mini wings.

Total working hours, probably 5 hours (not including the design & the material hunting process). Four hours for the coat, one hour for the wings (the first one I made was too weak, the wire was not strong enough so I had to change). The headband was easy peasy :)

Ah yes, the pattern I used for the coat was Anya Dress from Petite Kids Boutique (in Etsy). I modified the below part & the belt.

And... Look at her photo... Trop mimi... :)

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