Thursday, March 28, 2013

Passport Organizer for a Friend

My friend wanted an organizer that could fit 4 passports (since her travel will be with her husband and her son - with double passports). She also wanted the organizer to be as small as possible. So, I made this for her. She will use it next week, so it was a quite urgent need for her.

Basically, this organizer is the same with the one I made last year (Travel wallet). I just modified a little bit at the interfacings since I did not use the canvas fabric for the exterior.

All fabrics are using medium weight cotton (the exterior is Vera Bradley design bought at Lemonz CraftProjects, and the interior + pockets are solid cotton from Eurodif store). Interfacing used: Vlieseline H630 and double H250.

Ready to go for the New Mexico trip! Bon voyage, mon amie...!

Tuto in here


asri wahyuningsih said...

so neat...i'm totally going to make this , after i get to my old sewing machine mb. sitha..

Sitha said...

Thx! Iya, bikin, Asri... Berguna buat jalan2...

Makasih ya atas kunjungannya... :)