Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Japanese Sewing Books: My Wishlist

I just want to keep this well written in order not to forget. Memory problem T_T

I remember I wanted Mademoiselle book. But then I tried to hold myself because I just bought two others. After that, I wanted one Japanese sewing book for myself (women size). I read one review at Japanese Sewing Books blog and it looked interesting. Still, I needed to compare with others.

As usual, the process of comparing those books was taking so long because of many reasons. Until today, I spent some time again to check, re-check, etc.

Et voilà! My wishlist...

(26.03.2013: Already in my bookshelf)

My birthday will be in July. Note that.



asri wahyuningsih said...

you should add more wishlist mba sitha :-D

Sitha said...

I will... haha... :D

Memang itu ada yg blm masuk, buku Handmade Wallets. Sayangnya buku tsb blm ada versi bhs Perancis. Jadi aku takut ngga dapet tips2nya :(

Thx for visiting my blog, Asri!

honeysweety said...

selalu ngiler ya liat buku-buku jepang

Sitha said...

@honeysweety: Yup... Benar sekali... :D Mesti selektif spy kantong ngga bocor... :D

Thx u udah mampir ya...