Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Cloth Pads

This week, I made some more cloth pads for myself. Considering my condition, I really needed those pads *I used so many these days* I tried two new patterns that I found in the internet, and finally I preferred this one: Blue Dinosaurs. I did not follow the exact instructions but basically what I did was nearly the same.

I used the fabric scraps of cloth trainers I made 2 years ago (unless the soft pink PUL, it was never been used). So, outer fabrics were PULs, inner fabrics were suede cloths, the soaker fabrics were bamboo soft terry and towel cotton terry. For the bigger pads, all soakers were using bamboo soft terry fabrics, one with 3 layers, another one with 4 layers. The small pad was using another pattern (I forgot the link) and mixed soakers (bamboo and cotton terry).

I should topstitch the pads... yes I know... >_< Well, I thought more about their functions...

I plan to make two or three more but I am waiting for my current order, Zorb fabric. Zorb is claimed to be very absorbent (usually for cloth diapers). Couple days ago, I finally found someone in France that sells this fabric (via A Little Mercerie). Ok, it will be my next experiment :D

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