Saturday, January 26, 2013

January Sewing

Well... After couple weeks of my "sewing hibernation" because of my uncomfortable hormonal condition and my pregnancy loss, now I could restart again. I need to move on and focus on creative things. I have to be busy *this might be my self defense mechanism >_< *

I continued my plan to make some new cloth diapers but only for sewing tutorial purpose. I posted my first cloth diaper sewing tutorial in Indonesian language at Cloth Diapering Parents Indonesia's blog ( It was using RRP free pattern. I hope more Indonesian mommies can make cloth diapers for their sweeties.

Then I made one nightgown for my little E because she needed it. She liked the cupcakes print on it (she's so "gourmande"). During this cold weather, she is wearing the nightgown together with a pair of leggings. Ah yes, I used the pattern of Sadie Grace Nightgown by Seamingly Smitten. It's a simple pattern and great for a beginner.

At my sewing group at ASELQO, I was learning to make a "valisette", a kind of bag. It's not finished yet. I will continue it next Thursday.

And... Couple days ago I received more fabrics from my mom (thank you again, mommy :*). Love them all and I'm very excited to plan some more projects. Have I said that I got a Lisa Lam book? Bought it from Book Depository UK. It's the latest book of Lisa Lam. I wanted to have it since a long long time ago... Finally I bought it *yes*. I think some of fabrics that I've just received can be transformed into some cute bags, especially those Vera Bradley fabrics :)

Ah, I almost forgot something. I got one big happy day when I saw my face on one local newspaper. It was an article about my winning at the balcony gardening contest (I wrote about it at my previous posts). Gosh... It was really a good timing, right? A fantastic mental booster (I don't know why I chose those words >_< ) during stormy days... The article also mentioned about my passion on sewing :) The online version of the article can be found in here, but we can not read the full article unless we subscribe.

Ok, me, cheer up... And happy sewing to all of you...!


Seamingly Smitten said...

Your Sadie Grace Nightgown is adorable! I love the cupcake fabric! I hope your little one has sweet dreams when she wears it!
Happy Sewing!

Sitha said...

Thank you, Jenny...! She is surely falling in love with this nightgown :)