Sunday, October 7, 2012

KCWC Fall 2012

Already passing midnight and I am still awake. I'm still looking for some informations about understanding paper patterns especially those that are inside japanese sewing books. I have one, Vêtements amples à superposer, that I bought last year (may be). I have been so curious to try and today I finally tried. Since I am still a beginner, I couldn't understand the pattern easily. Even though the book is already in french (okay, for me, it would be better in english, mais c'est la vie, heh... you can not get everything you want ;) and I already got my own time to concentrate in front of the book (and my sewing machine); still, I couldn't catch all informations in the pattern. May be something is wrong with my brain, hmm...

Bref, anyway, it didn't stop me to give another try. I will try again because I really want to make some autumn-winter clothes for my little girl. She just started her school last month and she seems to like it so much, so I want to boost her school spirit thru cute (and pink, fuchsia, or purple) clothes. And I realize that I need to practice too (and spend my precious time - alone).

So, when I saw this challenge, Kids Clothes Week Fall 2012, I was so excited. I wanted to join.

Yey! I'm in!


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