Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCWC - Day Two

Today I finished the dress by sewing some pockets on it with a matching fabric. And then I made a simple skirt for my older daughter, from the same fabric (of the dress' pockets). So one for the little one, another one for the older one. Fair enough :)

Both fabrics are Vera Bradley's. I got them from Jakarta (Indonesia), from online shops : Lemonz CraftProjects & Fab Fabric on Facebook :)


sukie said...

cuttteeeee!!! :*

bagus mbak...itu buat disubmit yah ke KCWC?

Isastuce said...

It's so cute !

Sitha said...

Merci! :D

Sitha said...

@ Sukie: Ngga pake disubmit. Cuma challenge utk menjahit baju anak2 selama seminggu, minimal per harinya sediain waktu sejam utk ngerjainnya. Kira2 begitu... Paling orang2 pada share di twitter, instagram dan flickr.