Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Again, we meet a new year. Time flies quite fast, right?

At the new year's eve, as usual we made a family dinner. Just for of us. But this time, not serving Indonesian food, but Japanese! We made sushis. Before the sushis were served, we had a simple wakame soup as a starter. And the dessert? Chocolate cupcakes... :)

And today, I could finish my first sewing project in 2014, a pinky dress for my daughter. The pattern was from a Japanese sewing book: Vêtements amples à superposer by Mayuko Murata. It's the same book that I used to make two others (at previous posts). It seemed that I started to enjoy more the process because I already understood the basic techniques (from the book). 

Et voilà! Happy new year! May 2014 give us more time to sew! *it's a big dream for me ^_^*

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