Saturday, September 15, 2012

More Cushion Covers

These are my new cushion covers made by using my new machine. Yes, finally I got a new one & it will replace my mother-in-law's blue vintage Singer. I used that Singer for couple weeks. My mother-in-law lent me until I got a new sewing machine. That means, soon Singer will go back to its home *will miss it for sure*.

I'll talk more about those machines later. Now back to the topic.

These covers are using envelope technique, simple. You may find one or two tutorials out there. Mine is taken from one of my sewing book.

Fabrics are pink fuchsia batik cotton from Indonesia (Batik Cheers - Facebook) and white soft vintage cotton from my mother-in-law (I know. She's very generous). I put some decorative stitches on the white cotton. It looks cute...

Ok, Midnight has passed. Gotta sleep now!

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