Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bretagne: Day 5-8

Wed, July 11, 2012: We took a boat from Port Navalo to visit Île aux Moines, a nice & touristic island that receives many tourists. In the boat, a guide explained all small islands we saw along the way. We arrived at the island around 12 & we directly rented some bikes to explore the area. If you can see the map of Île aux Moines in google, it's not too big. But riding a bike from the harbor (north) until one part in the south was a hard work for me :). especially with a lil kid behind me.

In that island, we visited one megalith site (Kerganon?) & two little beaches. It was fun. My children loved the bicycle trip like that. After 4 hours, our boat picked us up to come back.

From this trip, we got sunburn *I forgot to bring our sunblock in the car*

Thu, July 12, 2012: Our direction was to Carnac city to see, once again, megaliths. Megaliths in Carnac are thousands & separated in some locations. We took the tourist train to see all. The train also passed some cities around Carnac so we could have city views too.

Fri, July 13, 2012: We had no specific destination... at the beginning :) But then we finally went to Comptoir Breton gift shop & the centre ville of Sarzeau. The day before, it was most raining. Everybody was using rain coats. And that Friday was the same, raining... So cold for me. Yes, better to start packing because we had to leave on Saturday.

Saturday: Going back home! But we stopped by at Tropical Parc in Saint Jacut les Pins, not far from Sarzeau. I saw their website months ago and I was curious. So while we were there (Morbihan, Bretagne), we visited that parc which had an Indonesian garden. Lovely place... My children were happy. Me too! The environment really felt like home. Looked like home, smelled like home... Banana trees, pineapple plants, even mimosa aka putri malu, goats, chickens, birds...

Finished! End of our holidays! Goodbye beach, bye crêpe world :), bye blue houses, bye stripes...

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