Monday, November 17, 2014

Sydney pattern by C’est Dimanche

Bought this pattern long time ago and had the first opportunity to try it just last week. However, it’s not my first C’est Dimanche. Previously I made a nice top from another pattern (see here). But it was a simple one compared to this Sydney. Sydney has a full body lining. Well, of course we can skip that but for making a nice & comfy vest (or jacket, trench, coat), I think it’s better with a lining. The construction of this lining was not difficult. It just made the whole process longer.

In general, this pattern is easy. Just because it is longer, we need to be patient. My first Sydney was planned for the last KCW event. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t make it until last week.

Sydney light coat, size 6 years old

Fabrics & notions:

Some notes :
  • Baby corduroy is easy to sew. But the first thing that we need to pay attention is the direction of the wale when we are about to cut the fabrics according to the pattern pieces. Once we decide to put the bodice (for example) in one direction (top and bottom), we have to do same direction for the rest of pattern pieces. I saw this explanation from the TV show Cousu Main first season. It’s a kind of sewing competition as a reality show (Masterchef kind of thing but in sewing).
  • The passepoil (piping) was sewed by using the sewing foot for invisible zipper. It was easy. But at the first attempt, I was not close enough to the cord part so it made a little gap (and it was quite visible). I sewed to close that gap by hand. The result was fine. Just changed a little bit the straightness of the piping on the fabric (if we see as a whole result). But it’s ok for my first piping sewing.
  • Again, for the piping, I think it would be nicer if I used the same fabric with the lining. It means, I should make by myself instead of buying a ready one.
  • The part of sleeves that needed to be sewed on the bodice part was longer. I was thinking, perhaps I had to make pleats on the top of sleeves. But since it was not written on the instruction, I let the longer part as it was.
  • The placing of the collars need to be precise to avoid imbalance between the right part and the left one. I found a difficulty in here. I thought that it would be easier if I used a mannequin.  
  • The buttons 18 mm are not big enough for me. Next time it should be bigger.
  • About the size, well, for my daughter that is taller than usual kids at her age (5 yo), the length of the sleeves and the coat are just at the limit. Pourtant I already reduced the seams for the both sleeves and coat. I should remember this very well for the next attempt of Sydney. The size 6 yo is okay but I need to lengthen the seam at the sleeves and the coat. Two centimeters would be fine.
  • Concerning the fabric, baby corduroy is so light and not suitable enough for this fall season. It can be nice for summer or late spring.

I saw at C’est Dimanche fans blog, there are some mothers that made Sydney coat with a capuche. So interesting. I need to see how they made it. 

So, for the next Sydney, I would like to use laine/wool fabric for winter, homemade piping, bigger buttons, and add some useful things like a capuche and pockets. What do you think?

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