Monday, October 27, 2014

Kids Clothes Week - Oct 2014

Finally I could participate again at this virtual event. And finally I sewed children clothes using Citronille & Oliver+S' patterns. Yey!

A little story to share:

This time, KCW was using a theme of Children story book. I was looking for ideas from my little one bookshelf. And of course, I asked her about the books she liked. She said: "Trotro!". Trotro is a donkey :). I like him too. The story of Trotro is nice for children. But what idea that I could take from this Trotro? I only could find: the colors of his usual clothing (red-violet) and the simple 'trapèze' dress of Lili & Nana (Trotro's friends). But after I checked on my fabric stash, I didn't have the solid fabrics in red & violet. Bum! "Ok, let's see the dress for an alternative".

And, my little one also loves a book about Minette Frisette. This girl is wearing the same dress style like Lili & Nana, but in polkadot, red & white. I have a red-white fabric but not enough for a dress. Bum!

At the other hand, I had my own preference too. I looovee Martine (or Debbie in US, Tini in Indonesia). I love her classic to vintage style outfits. I love her Peter Pan collar. I love her! Some of her dresses are also in "trapèze" look.

So I decided: Martine's style! *errr... personal ambition*. And I chose the fabrics in color that my daughter liked so much (that's why all are in pink).

Patterns? Ok, it was a little bit tough in choosing the pattern with Peter Pan collar. My options were:
1. Pernette by Citronille
2. Debbie's birthday dress by Sew Pony Vintage (on Etsy)
3. One on the cover of the latest edition of B-Inspired magazine (I don't know the name)

Considering certain conditions, I picked Pernette. It's mostly because of my curiosity to Citronille's patterns :D. And because of... french indie pattern (support local indie designers!).

The second pattern of simple & classic dress was from my, uhuk, collection, uhuk, that I had never tried >_<. It was School Photo Dress by Oliver+S. 

Actually I made a list for 4 clothes. Two others were Sydney jacket by C'est Dimanche and a skirt from one Japanese sewing book. I put these two on 3rd & 4th priorities due to my conditions (children school holidays for 2 weeks - needed to 'entertain' my kids too). So I made Pernette & School Photo Dress. 

Which one I liked most?
- The School Photo Dress.

- Detail instructions & there's a sew along in Oliver+S' blog

I was a little bit stucked during the construction of the sleeves part for Pernette. Luckily, I have made some little dresses before, from a Japanese sewing book. I used my memory to help attaching the sleeves. I wondered why I still had a good memory about it... hmm...

I made a mistake too on the first Pernette dress I made. And it was fatal :( How come? Since I just had a new serger, so, I was not experienced enough to operate it. Then, an accident happened. A hole >_<. Not fixable. The only solution was: making a new Pernette. Voilà, I made it.

I didn't put a lining on Pernette. But I did for the School Photo Dress. So it was so long in the construction process. But I tried to enjoy as long as I was not too tired. Anyway, it's a part of sewing, right? Being patience with the process, with the mistakes, with the remakes, with the finishing by hand... Etc, etc.

On this experience, I learned:
- how to install an invisible zipper :D
- how to sew a Peter Pan collar
- how to arrange the pattern on the fabric print to get the best result after being sewed (but I failed :D )
- how to make a kangaroo pocket (j'adore!)
- how to sew a dress lining 

I am happy with the results, especially with the School Photo Dress. I think I will make again. And Pernette too. I want to make one with lining.

Now I need to stock some invisible zippers in pink. Yeah... 

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