Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One euro fabrics

Last Sunday we went to another Bourse de Couturière in Saint Jean le Blanc. I saw some interesting fabrics but I didn't really need them. I focused my eyes on sewing threads. Nope, I couldn't find any.

But my little one wanted two pieces of fabrics, small cuts, one of them must be a fabric scrap. The lady put 0.50€ each for the price. So I paid 1€ for all.

Yesterday I worked on those fabrics. I made a backpack to carry my daughter's bunny doll. It's also possible to use it as the bunny's sleeping bag :) My lil one seemed so happy. This morning she carried her bunny to school with that backpack-carrier.

And today, I used the fabric scraps for making a zippered pouch following the free tutorial from Michelle Pattern (the dumplings one). It was so fun... I think I will make another one.

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