Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Sewing

I have a tendency to make spring-summer clothing for my kids ;D Can't resist... And I'm coming from a tropical country too.. *is there any connection?*

Now I need to see fall-winter sewing patterns on the market. No intention to buy one (not yet), just for having some ideas.

Couple months ago I saw this After-School Shirt + Pants pattern by Oliver + S. Totally cute and suitable with.. me. The problem is, it will not be for me. For my daughters. The eldest seems okay with this style. The little one, I don't think so. She's a princess! *but sometimes she's fine with a pair of jeans as long as it goes with a pinky t-shirt/top ;D* Anyway, I love this style.

And I love this one too... School Photo Dress.

And how about this Bubble Skirt by Ruffles and Stuff. I have tried to make one couple years ago and I failed :( *try again then!*

Going to Etsy... I love this dress, don't you? Sleek Dress by Puperita. And Allie Dress by Sew Sweet Patterns. Sorry for not inserting the photos from the original sources. But you can click the link in each pattern's names.

And now, this... A beautiful dress, don't you think so?

Winter Rose Dress by iCandy Handmade. I believe my little princess will be very happy if I make one like this *if...* ^_^

Well, I don't have extra time to continue my "window shopping". But while I am here talking about sewing patterns, I think I also need to write about French brands of children sewing patterns. Hmm..., perhaps later?

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