Sunday, May 13, 2012

Welcome, Tomatoes & Lettuces!

Just bought these baby plants two days ago. Since we didn't have much time to do repotting, so they're still inside the boxes from the store, Botanic.

The tomato plants were so droopy when we brought from the store. But after watering at home, they looked so fresh & happy :)

In this pic, the tomatoes & lettuces are below, in the left side. The rests are my last week baby herbs that were already growing a bit. Me, happy...

Btw, I made some experiments to grow some plants from scratch. I saw on the internet and I'm really interested. In the pic, you can see the roots coming out from a piece of sweet potato & a piece of ginger. Nice, right? I try to regrow the celery too (not captured in here).

Well done, me! *cheering myself*

Ok, back to the flea market (I'm in the middle of selling things, ahahay...)

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